"What" and "If" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?End quote.

—Amanda Seyfried as Sophie in Letters to Juliet (2010)

I am not a good person, you see. I curse, in my head and out loud.End quote.


One shall not be who says ‘I had enough’ for it means giving up. One shall never, NEVER, give up.End quote.

—Prasya Aninditya


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Missing Piece

My voice silenced
My lips sealed
My ears closed
My sight darkened

Not sure about it
Yet know about it
Nothing but an empty bottle
With a missing piece

My heart do feel
Like I need to scream
And put it behind me
But I’m incapable of doing so

Mom: Kamu sayang ya sama abang ya?
Me: Iyaa..
Mom: Terus Ibu sama Bapak gimana?
Me: =___________="


Why do I feel afraid,
When I don’t know what to fear and what not.
Why do I feel sad,
When I don’t know what to feel and what not.
What am I to say,
When I don’t know what I want and what not.

This kind of feeling that breaks me down,
This kind of feeling that brought me sorrow,
This kind of feeling that makes me shed my tears.

Lord, what am I to do?
Please, give me a clue.

-Prasya Aninditya


Never, never you shall get pleased easily. When you do, there will be no improvements.End quote.

—Almer Aghinaldo Baharsyah

How the smallest thing
Can carry people to above
Where happiness and love
Are together swingingEnd quote.

—Prasya Aninditya


Staring at this blank page for hours
Thinking the best way to apologize
Keep on checking my phone every second
That probably one of my messages you have returned

My days aren’t complete without you
My tears keep coming down for you
I’m miserable, I’m a mess
Oh yes you can say so

You are the reason to live
You are the reason to survive
You are the reason to love
Yet I know I cannot survive
A life without love

Now you’ve went away
For an unknown length of time
My heart breaks, it’s crushed to its core
It feels like, nothing more is left for me

-Prasya Aninditya



Gazing out the window
I’m looking
For forsaken souls
Under cover of autumn

Gazing out the window
I wish
I had thought about it
Now that you’re giving up

Under cover of autumn
That sweet melancholy is coming back

One, two, three, four -
A bit like they hum
Old melodies

Staring at the phone
I’m waiting
Until you deign to call me
Until you at last make up your mind

You and your tomboy look
Used to somehow break the monotony
Of my days, of my nights

Under cover of autumn
That sweet melancholy is coming back

One, two, three, four -
A bit like they hum
Old melodies

Under cover of autumn
You give back
My melancholy
Its colors of super scopitone [jukebox]
Under cover of autumn

How could I
Merely be so stupid?
I was warned before
This is the plain truth

It’d be the last straw
If the bad weather
Meddled with it
A rain drop and
I really have lost everything

Tété - A la faveur de l’automne


When instinct got way too strong, it will kill.End quote.

—Prasya Aninditya